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About us

Camille Schmitt has been trained many years in France (Claire Illouz), in Taiwan (Cen Delin) and in China. (Xu Jianhua in the Palace Museum 1 year-training), with further training courses (Shanghai Museum, the National Palace Museum in Taibei).

Restorating Asian art requires a deep understanding of the culture, techniques and materials.

Camille Schmitt has a Master’s Degree in Chinese Language and Civilization (INALCO, Paris) and a PhD on Chinese Art (Sorbonne University). She publishes and lectures on Chinese conservation technique and material history in many institutions (see bibliography), such as Heidelberg University, SIVA (Shanghai) and INP (Paris).

She works as a practising conservator in both the private and museum sector, and is accredited by the Direction des Musées de France (DMF) and included in the Conservation Register as well as a member of ICON.

Restoration in The Palace Museum, Beijing